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AcronymTitleInstitution / Foundation
NANOCLEANDetermination of the potential of different funtionalised inorganic nanoparticles
-Cities Without Hunger - Community Gardens: Sao Paulo
WORKALÓThe creation of new occupational patterns for cultural minorities: the Gypsy Case
ICPInclusive Cities Project
ITSThe Intelligent Transportation Systems Centre and Testbed
VGUGender-based Violence in Spanish Universities
APADISGenerating a virtual learning environment accessible for elder people with or without disabilities. The open and distance learning in the formal and leisure education for elder people.
BREAKING BARRIERSMaking and Breaking Barriers: Assessing the Value of Mounted Police Units in the UK
TAPThe Assembly Project - Meeting Places in Northern Europe
DESAFIODemocratization of Water and Sanitation Governance by Means of Socio-Technical Innovation
WConstructionThe promotion of Woodless Construction in West Africa
FAMT&LFormative Assessment for Mathematics' Teaching and Learning
ENORASISEnvironmental Optimization of Irrigation Management with the Combined use and Integration of High Precision Satellite Data, Advanced Modelling, Process Control and Business Innovation
FERTIPLUSReducing mineral fertilisers and agro-chemicals by recycling treated organic waste as compost and biochar products
TENLAWTenancy Law and Housing Policy in Multi-level Europe
-Improved breastfeeding rates through evidence-based guideline changes
-Exploring the Impact of the Super Bowl on Sex Trafficking
-Sprinkles Global Health Initiative. Supplefer Sprinkles
VIPPRUUkuphepha Initiative: Demonstrating African Safety
-Changing Land-Atmosphere Feedbacks in Tropical African Wetlands
INCLUD-EDStrategies for inclusion and social cohesion from education in Europe
ATAPUERCAAtapuerca project
WIEGOWomen in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing
ALACsPromotion of Participation and Citizenship in Europe through the "Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs)" of Transparency International
RECOUPResearch Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty
POINTPolicy Influence of Indicators