SIOR (Social Impact Open Repository) is an open access repository to display, share and store the social impact of research results. Achieving impact is a growing demand from society to science and to scientists, but this information had not yet been systematically gathered and registered. SIOR is the first open access worldwide registry on social impact, a non-profit initiative to enhance scientific research with social impact.

By including their evidence of social impact in SIOR, researchers and research institutions make clear contributions to science, to societies and to their own work. There are many social impacts from research projects which are unknown by society, but will be clarified in this repository. Citizens, institutions and funding agencies will find in SIOR both a general overview and very concrete evidence of research having social impact. Within SIOR, researchers or research institutions describe the social impact of their scientific work and provide the evidence of this impact and the source (i.e. institutional report, publication, legislation, website, dataset, press release, etc.). Evidence of social impact is peer reviewed before online publication, assigning a social impact score in relation to this evidence (see the ‘Criteria’ section).

SIOR is open source, enabling integration with other open source registries, CRIS systems and persistent identifiers. For instance, by registering to SIOR with an ORCID id, researchers can already link their social impacts to their individual research profiles.

Beyond gathering impact information and allowing for data search, SIOR provides measurable parameters of social improvements generated by scientific projects. SIOR is therefore transforming the idea of scientific research, by promoting a necessary alternative to the stagnation of scientific results and enabling real social impact. The SIOR initiative was born in the framework of the IMPACT-EV project, funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission and coordinated by the research center CREA at the University of Barcelona. IMPACT-EV’s objective is to create indicators and a system to monitor and evaluate scientific, political and social impact of research in SSH. SIOR will contribute to enhance scientific research with social impact and increase the visibility of this research on a worldwide scale, while widening the concern about social impact across international scientific community.

Social impact are the social improvements achieved as a consequence of implementing the results of a particular research project or study. Our societies have already defined societal challenges and goals (such as EU2020 targets, UN Sustainable Development Goals, etc.) and need research developments and innovations to address them. Through SIOR researchers can provide evidence of how their research has been useful to help meet these social targets, for instance, contributing to create employment, increase access to health, reduce carbon emissions or reduce poverty, in a particular locality or at a broader scale. Often social impacts are not immediate but gathered in a longer term. SIOR allows researchers to edit periodically their entries, adding new evidence of impacts related to the results of their research projects.

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