Join the SIOR reviewer programme today!

ACADEMIC PROFILE. Fulfill any of the criteria:

Publication of JCR articles in any of the following scientific fields in the last 5 years:

  • (SCI) Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • (ENG) Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences
  • (LIFE) Life and Agriculture Sciences
  • (MED) Clinical Medicine ans Pharmacy
  • (SOC) Social Sciences
  • (AH) Arts and Humanities

Participation in projects related to one of the scientific fields included in SIOR:

  • as IP
  • as partner

Being in possession of a national / international award from the scientific community

Participation and presentation in international renowned conferences in the last 5 years

NON-ACADEMIC PROFILE. Fulfill any of the criteria:

Professional links with any of the scientific areas

  1. Previous experience of 3 years in the field
  2. Have received training in the field
  3. Have participated and / or had some responsibility within any of the fields

Personal links with any of the scientific areas

  1. To have been in direct contact with results of the research / clinical trial
  2. To have directly received the improvement of the research / clinical trial

SIOR ambassador are people used to work with social impact initiatives and they aim to empower those who have reached social impact but do not have access to a suitable space to publish it. Furthermore, SIOR Ambassadors know the importance of performing research oriented to social impact, making social impact a way of living.

Join the SIOR ambassador programme today!

Besides being at the vanguard of social impact research, SIOR ambassadors

  • Share information about SIOR with a wider community
  • Promote SIOR on social networks (@SIORepository)
  • Support researchers in highlighting their social impact projects
  • Explain others what are the benefits of doing research with social impact
  • Encourage researchers to upload projects to SIOR
  • Use SIOR Ambassador tag in their email signature and CV
  • Great networking opportunities
  • An ambassador ‘toolkit’ containing dissemination material
  • Video support from the SIOR team
  • Updates on our progress and insight into our future plans
  • You’ll be listed as an ambassador on the project website

We identify research with social impact

There are many studies and research done but remaining unknown. We pretend to collect all under the same name, making SIOR a renowned repository where all research with social impact finds a space to be shared and evaluated.

We run after science with social impact

All scientific research has a purpose and reaches a conclusion eventually, but when it has an impact, it is twice as relevant. Research with social impact changes lives and provides solutions.

We pursue open and transparent research

Our society is based on all stakeholders’ actions. While researchers study how to improve citizens’ lives, these vote for politics who pretend developing laws that provide solutions to the entire society. Being able to base your decisions in accurate information, according evidences, give the opportunity to arrive to better results and to build an improved society.

We gather solutions to global concerns

Worldwide inequalities and difficulties have been assembled globally under the UN-SDG – a set of 17 goals to transform world overcoming these differences by 2030 – and at European level, under the EU2020 targets – 5 goals of how the European society should be in order to offer all its citizens a better quality of life. We search projects that have demonstrated their social impact in terms of their compliance with the official goals and also according indicators such as % of improvement, replicability and sustainability, that have proven their impact publishing it in scientific journals.